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    Water & Water Systems

    Formed in 1991, the Northstar Community Services District (District) provides the Northstar community with a full range of public services, including water. The District is responsible for the collection, treatment, and distribution of water within the Districtís jurisdictional boundary.The District operates its water system by rules and laws set forth in the Health and Safety Code of the State of California. This code is adopted pursuant to Government Code Section 61000 et. Seq..

    Throughout the years the Northstar, Truckee and Tahoe areas have changed considerably. At the same time, Water System technology continues to improve. The rapidly changing Northstar community has embraced continually improving water system technology with the oversight of a progressive District Board. The result is an excellent water system, with new facilities planned that will that surpass both the quality and capacity of the system that exists today.

    The District maintains a Water Ordinance that contains detailed descriptions of water regulations, connection requirements, construction requirements, easements, points of service, meter information, and other critical information relevant to property owners and contractors.

    The purpose of the District Water Ordinance is to provide the public with an accessible document stipulating requirements and guidelines applicable to all water system facility construction and maintenance within the Districtís boundary.The District Water Ordinance also establishes charges for services and provides a method for the collection of charges.

    The entire District Water Ordinance can be found here.

    A description of the Districtís current water collection, treatment, and distribution system can be found here.

    The 2007 Annual Water Quality Report can be found here.

    General Policies

    Section 2 of the Water Ordinance contains the Districtís general policies regarding:

    * Dwelling Unit Equivalent Transfers

    * Dedication of Water System Facilities

    o New facilities,

    o Existing facilities

    * Disasters and related fee / charge suspensions

    * Authority to Receive District Services

    * Extensions and/or Alterations to Water System Facilities

    * Initiation of Water System Facility Construction

    General Provisions and Regulations

    Section 3 of the Water Ordinance contains the Districtís provisions and regulations regarding:

    * District access to water systems,

    * Minimum Water System Facility Standards,

    * Winter Construction,

    * Mandatory Connections,

    * Cases of Multiple Units on the Same Property,

    * Joint Service Line Connections,

    * Easement Abandonment,

    * Accuracy of District Records and Maps,

    * Liability for Damage to District Water System Facilities,

    * Location of Points of Service,

    * Non-existing Service Connections and/or Points of Service Shown on Record Maps,

    * Time Limits & Extensions of Time Limits

    Appendix A-5 contains the Districtís Standard Specifications

    Residential Water Permits

    Section 4 of the Water Ordinance contains information regarding the obtaining of residential water permits. Requirements for house service water line installation can be found here. For a detailed description of the residential water point of service, contact the Engineering Department at (530) 562-0747 during normal business hours.

    Commercial Water Permits

    Section 5 of the Water Ordinance contains information regarding the obtaining of residential water permits.

    For a detailed description of the commercial water point of service for the Northstar Village area, contact the District Engineering Department at (530) 562-0747 during normal business hours.

    Fees And Charges

    Section 6 of the Water Ordinance contains information regarding the Districtís water fees and charges. Refer to section 6 to find more detailed information about the following:

    * Deposits and Refunds

    * Residential Plan Checking and Inspection Fees,

    * Commercial Project Application Fees

    * Connection Fees

    * Billing of User Fees

    * Annexation Fees and Charges

    * Fees for Preparing and/or Reviewing Special Documents

    * Penalties on Unpaid Connection Fees

    * Delinquent Account Penalty Fees

    * Returned Check Fees

    * Billing Basis for User Fees

    * Initial Billing of User Fees

    * Billing Adjustments

    * Collection Remedies

    * Unreported Connection or Use

    Appendix A-1 contains a fee schedule for Plan Check, Inspection Charges, and Special Fees for Water Systems.

    Appendix A-3 contains Plumbing Fixture Unit Equivalents

    Appendix A-4 contains the Multiple Use Formula Table

    Installation of Water System Facilities General Conditions

    Section 6 of the Water Ordinance contains information regarding the installation of water system facilities. The content of section 7 includes:

    * The Districtís connection policy

    * Responsibility for Service Line Installation

    * Size and Type of Service Lines

    * Trench Requirements

    * Minimum & Maximum Pipeline Cover Requirements

    * Backfilling Building and Service Lines

    * Pressure Supply Ė Damages

    * Commercial & Residential Pressure / Supply Pump Systems

    * Installation

    * Inspection & Testing

    * Deviation from Requirements

    * Temporary Hook-Up to Water System

    * Abandoned Water System Facilities

    * Emergency Notification

    * Reserves for Emergency

    * Water Rationing

    * Unauthorized Use

    Appendix A-6 contains the Districtís Technical Provisions for Construction of Water System / Facilities.

    Cross-Connection Control / Backflow Prevention

    The District maintains a backflow prevention program to protect the public water supply against actual or potential contamination. The program is designed to 1) isolate and eliminate points of cross connection that may occur within a water userís premises because of some undiscovered or unauthorized cross connection; 2) eliminate existing connections between drinking water systems an other sources of water that are not approved as safe and potable for human consumption; 3) eliminate cross connections between drinking water and sources of contamination; 4) and prevent the making of cross connections in the future.

    The Districtís list approved backflow prevention devices is taken from the list created by the University of Southern Californiaís Foundation for Cross Connection Control. This list can be found here. Final approval of any backflow prevention device used in a water system must be obtained from the District Engineering Department.

    A complete description of the Districtís backflow prevention program can be found in Section 8 of the Water Ordinance

    Inspection of Water System Facilities

    All water system facilities constructed under the provisions of the District Code are subject to inspection and approval by the District. Section 9 of the Water Ordinance contains information regarding:

    * Pre-inspection requirements: Residential & Commercial

    * How to Request Water System Inspections

    * Conditions Required at the Time of Inspection

    * Correction of Defective Work

    * Facilities Not to be Used Prior to District Approval

    Maintenance and Testing of Water Facilities

    Information regarding the maintenance and testing of water system facilities can be found in Section 10 of the Water Ordinance This section contains information regarding:

    * Maintenance and Testing of Private Water System Facilities

    * Conditions Requiring Testing of Existing Water System Facilities

    * Connection Procedures for New Water System Facilities

    * Testing Procedures for new or Existing Water System Facilities

    * Time Limits for Completion of Testing Procedures

    * Flushing and Sterilization of Water Lines

    * Water System Sterilization

    Prohibited Uses of the Water System

    For information regarding prohibited uses of the Districtís water system, refer to Section 11 of the Water Ordinance


    The Districtís authority to enforce water system facility code, policy, and conditions is described in Section 12 of the Water Ordinance. Sections include:

    * Violations

    * Authority of the District

    * Public Nuisance

    * Public Nuisance, Abatement

    * Discontinuance of Service

    * Notice and Hearing Prior to Discontinuance of Service for Non-payment

    * Notice and Hearing Prior to Discontinuance other than a Discontinuance of Service for Non-payment

    * Discontinuance of Service on Weekends, Holidays or after Hours

    * Amortization of Delinquent Bill for Service,

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